Where to start - BUSINESS

Once your domain is configured it's time to start using Ventureer services. Your main tool from now is cPanel. Open your welcome mail and access your panel.

You will find a lot of tools but let's focus on what's important.

As you have contracted the BUSINESS plan you will probably want to configure your site to have a great look.


The quickest option is to install a template. We have collected hundreds of templates for you. Login to your control panel and look for the "Web templates" link. In the left column there is a lot of categories, choose your option and view all the available templates. You will be able to preview the template by clicking on it. Once selected, click on the download link and save it to your local hard drive.

You will need to modify the template, title, contents, links, etc and that´s easier to do on your computer but if you decide to modify the files in the server, you will first need to upload the files using your favourite FTP client using the provided cPanel user and password. Look for FTP in this Knowledgebase in order to know how to upload files.

Once uploaded you can edit the files through the "File manager" utility in your cPanel. It includes HTML editing in order to help you with the modification.


You can also choose to use a Content Management System software to setup your site. We have a lot of info about CMS in the"Where to start - PERSONAL" artcle in this Knowledgebase.


The most complete and customized option for a site is Basekit SiteBuilder. It´s a incredible tool to create and edit amazing websites from templates. Despite it´s a paid tool you will be able to use it for free. Login to your control panel, click on the Basekit SiteBuilder link and follow the instructions.

You will find a lot of documentation and videos in the SiteBuilder webpage.


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