SEO basics

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to all the techniques to make your webpage visible to customers or visitors.

In this article we are going to provide an introduction to SEO and some usefull links. Look for more SEO articles in the knowledgebase.

The first SEO technique is to configure your website. In order to make it visible to search engines you may follow a set of standard rules. Google offers for free an interesting guide in order to optimize your website, just search "Search Engine Optimization starter guide" in Google and download the PDF document. You will find it very useful.


For webcrawlers it´s also important to know what pages can or cannot be visited, or what to recap information about in your website. The file robots.txt is the source of information for that and the robots.txt Wikipedia article will help you in the configuration.

Keywords describre your site and your site content. Use it wisely and you will increase your site visits. There are a lot of articles about keywords but we find 5 secrets to selecting effective SEO keywords in Inc.500 a good reference.


Another good option is to create a sitemap and make it visible to the search engines. You may use the XML-sitemaps tool to create your sitemap. Don´t forget to tell the crawlers where it is through the robots.txt file.

Content is king. Create interesting content, link to your site and other sites, provide information, create a blog, ... This will make your page more valuable for visitors and also for search engines.


Social Media. In today´s world, social media is a must. Create your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin webpage and start making friends!. There´s also techniques to provide content or discounts to fans of your Facebook page. For example in the How to create fan only Facebook content article.

If you have a site available to anyone you will need to provide user generated content. Let your visitors comment on your blog posts, review and qualify your articles, your service, ...

Finally, our last SEO basics advice is a link to a web page with tons of free SEO tools. Make a wise use of the SEO Tools webpage.



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